American Lamb Gyros with Tzatziki

Gyros are a classic Greek sandwich made with thinly sliced lamb and Greek pocket bread. Here we use American lamb to blend with all the savory Greek flavors, including a classic cucumber-yogurt sauce.

American Lamb Kebab Salad

You don’t need wooden skewers to make a delicious kebab. Here, fresh rosemary “skewers” highlight the flavors of roasted lamb, micro greens, and Middle Eastern flavors in an easy salad. This is a delicious way to use up any leftover leg of lamb.

Easy Lamb Creole Gumbo

Substituting lamb for the traditional meat in a Southern gumbo is a twist on a classic dish.

Grilled Butterflied American Lamb Leg with Mint-Pistachio Pesto

This fresh herb “pesto” pops with the flavor of American lamb leg meat.

Grilled Butterflied American Leg of Lamb

The classic grilled lamb recipe is given a modern twist with soy sauce, ginger, and chiles. Sautéed sugar snap peas and steamed brown rice are the perfect side dishes.

Grilled Lamb and Vegetable Kabobs

Lamb, Lime and Mango Salad

Recipe from Chef Allen Susser, Chef Allen’s (Aventura, Florida)

Lola’s Leg of Lamb Shawarma with Tomato Jam

Recipe from Executive Chef Liam Spence, LOLA (Seattle, Washington

Mexican Barbecued Lamb Steaks

These flavor-packed lamb steaks will add a punch to your next barbeque.

Peanut Sauce Lamb Satay

Roasted Leg of American Lamb Feta Vinaigrette

Tortellini and Lamb Country Soup

This country-style soup, with tender lamb and cheesy tortellini, is something an Italian grandmother might make on a cold evening.

Traditional Lamb Stir-Fry